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Windforge Wiki

From Windforge Wiki
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Welcome to the Official Windforge Wiki:
a user-created database on the Windforge video game.
Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding on existing ones.
We are currently maintaining 181 pages (52 articles).
The Game
Windforge ca.png

Windforge by Snowed In Studios is a building-block RPG that mixes 2D-shooter action with the freedom to create and explore. Players will take to the skies in fully buildable airships, as they embark on a journey of discovery and survival that will take them to the heart of the world and beyond. The game came to Steam, GOG, and other platforms on March 11th!

G2a main.png
  • Windforge was released to Steam, GOG, and other platforms on March 11th!
  • Windforge has been greenlit on Steam!
  • There have been various patches to the game that contributors to the Wiki can help document!
Windforge ca 2.png
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